Finding Balance

The truth is, I needed to stop writing for a year. When I release a genuine thought piece via social media posts and this website I allow someone the power to confront me. I love hearing the perspectives of other people, but things got a little personal this year.


My words are not meant to be confrontational, they are meant to be inviting, conversational. I couldn’t find the inviting words to talk about #blacklivesmatter & #sayhername movements, or to talk about immigration policies here or abroad in Dominican Republic and Haiti. I couldn’t tackle the issue of the minimum wage raise, the constant posts about police brutality, the posts questioning the reality of trans people, the posts showing  zero sympathy for the complex nature of a society that aims to embrace diversity. There were no inviting people to the issues and the history I know and live personally with my family, loved ones, and with my city. I take it personally, something I’m working on.

I decided to focus on finding balance.


My usual easy going personality, was not feeling too go-with -the-flow and that invited some confrontation from friends, family members, and my boyfriend. These moments led to stronger and more meaningful relationships, others led to nothing and strangely enough that was necessary too. Balance. Work on myself and listening to my thoughts over the work on others and making their words more powerful. Little by little I got back to basics: listen to & love my mother & father (& brother). Be honest to anyone I encounter, especially friends. Live unapologetically in happiness. Journal. Stay focused and finish the work.

I started this platform to contemplate the issues that intersect topics of race, culture, gender because they are issues I am very passionate about. They are offensive to some who pass by, but relatable to many.



(photos featuring parts of San Diego, CA)

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