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Fuel Your Body !!!

Hash-tag upon hash-tags, Clean Eating has gained much popularity. So many of my friends are jumping on this bandwagon, while others are confused about what it actually means. Most often referred to as the Clean Eating Diet, this way of eating emphasizes the use of fresh produce, while eliminating all processed foods. While many fad diets continue to exist by the support of consumerism, the inevitable collapse of these diet empires always meets retaliation from some direction downplaying its apparent benefits. The beauty behind Clean Eating it simply asks us to select more wholesome and “clean” foods to feed our bodies… and IT WORKS! Clean Eating contributes to disease prevention, increase energy, regulation of body processes, and improvements in growth/repair of body tissues. There are an overwhelming amount of sites referring to clean eating, and each site eludes to a different approach to clean eating. Let’s stop the madness and zero in on our personal suggestions.

FitChula Suggestions:

  • Eat your fruits and vegetables. Try keeping them in their natural state as much as possible. Avoid additives when preparing foods. Support local farmer’s markets!
  • Enjoy meat, chicken, and seafood. Focus on consuming animal produce that is the free-range or wild kind. Buying straight from the butcher also helps avoid consuming pre-packaged animals that were fed Lord-knows-what ! Eww.
  • Enjoy complex carbohydrates, such as beans, quinoa, etc. Check out this awesome list posted by The Gracious Pantry. (
  • Make sure you are reading labels and avoiding products that have way too many ingredients, especially those that you cannot pronounce or that you know are dangerous (i.e. high fructose corn syrup).
  • Take a walk along the periphery of the supermarket. Produce in these areas don’t have a shelf-life and are naturally more wholesome.

The following are some recipes that have been tested by fellow Chulas.

Try them out, let us know what you think, and comment with your favorite Clean Recipes !!!


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